The reason I travel

I decided to start this site after getting overwhelmed with the amount of memories, places and photos I have gathered over the past two and half years. I wanted to create a digital memory album to share with family, friends, and for myself. Since I was little I have always craved a different culture and society then my own. I desired a more slow paced life with an authentic, more simple way of living. During my last year of university, I made that dream a reality and have been traveling ever since. I get asked quite frequently how do I afford to travel, tips on different places I have been to, and how I work abroad. After rewriting the same information several times to different people I figured this would be a perfect place to start. Even if its just for five friends curious about certain places and my family looking to see what I am up to, that is fine by me. I hope to inspire people of all ages to go out and travel. 

People say moms always know whats best, which is most often true. However, in my case that was not true when it came to travel. I was told throughout my university years by my family that I have the rest of my life to travel, and that I can travel when I am older and have money. Thank goodness my inner voice did not listen to that statement!!! While for many people that is applicable and logical, for me it was not an option. Why wait until you are old, less energized, and more narrow minded to travel, learn, and grow!? That in my opinion is insanity.  Throughout my experiences I learned that each place has its own beauties and imperfections. I am aim to take away the good from each place and try to adapt it to my own life in one way or another. Travel is not easy, it is definitely not what meets the eye. There is usually one perfect instagram day per week, if you are lucky haha. On the other hand, in return from the hardships of travel and living abroad I have learned more then I ever did in school, and more importantly I have grown. 


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